Our first priority when supplying a fire protection system is to familiarize ourselves with the Facility type/application and categorize accordingly as per NFPA and Local civil defense standards and follow the applicable codes in making the Design Analysis for Life and Safety, it will help, serve and protect. After consultation with key personnel in the organization and an analysis of facilities’ design and intended purpose, we draw up a Project Plan.
Our skill has been proven time and again through the installation of fire protection solutions that include:

Since 2010 we are Executing the Maintenance Projects of  street lights  for Dubai Municipality and Roads and Transport Authority of Dubai.
We supply and install light fittings, street light poles, Brackets ,cut-outs ,foundations, Feeder Pillars & related Electrical accessories under our  AMC Contract. Our portfolio covers a whole list of prestigious projects in the U.A.E.
We provide 24-7 Help Desk Support for product lines where such support is appropriate. Currently we are providing maintenance service for street lighting in Dubai for RTA, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Activities Performed in this contract are

Preventive Maintenance

  • Inspections on the street lighting system & system control are performed annually. Re-lamping street lights occur on a four or five year cycle or as outage frequency dictates. Re-lamping of street lights often involves extensive traffic control, lane and ramp closures, or off-hour shifts to work around light rail trains.

Corrective Maintenance

  • Street light outages include re-lamping, replacement of parts, or upgrades if parts are unavailable. Response to outage reports involves troubleshooting problems in the power distribution system, photo cell replacement, and contactor repair or replacement. Outage reports come from citizens, police, as well as Transportation crews and inspectors.

Utility Contractor Assistance

  • To relocates poles and fixtures to accommodate the construction of new buildings or roadways.
  • Also relocates street lights or makes temporary installations of lighting distribution lines due to repairs and upgrades to underground electrical utility ducts, communications conduits, and gas company pipelines by construction and utility companies..

Street Light Divison