The MEP design and build for Restaurants and Kitchens is a speciality with its own set of specifically focused challenges. At Aspen Engineering, we are well geared to confidently handle even the most complex of challenges that these areas of specialization can bring to us. We work closely with any specialized kitchen equipment supplier chosen by the client and then work out the Initial designs.

Extensive and elaborate experience have helped us realize the importance of forming and maintaining close relations with suppliers and their critical aspects, including the equipment that will eventually be needing the benefits of our MEP Services.

Our capabilities in this specialist arena inspire repeat orders and vital referrals that enable us to grow from strength to strength, while you benefit from the experience that we gain from surmounting multi-complexity challenge every step of the way, with complete composure and confidence. A cursory glance at our major builds will bear this out.

We offer our specialized services to cove r Electrical Works, Mechanical, Air Conditioning, Smoke Extract & Ventilations, Plumbing, Drainage & Water Supplies, Grease Eradication, Fire Alarms, Fire Fighting, Fire Suppression, Lighting Schemes & Design, Power Distribution, Customer Interaction Points, Sales Areas, IT requirements, Generation Equipment, Structured Cabling & Telephones, CCTV & Security Systems, Door Access, and many more.

You can always count on us to offer the best value for your money when it comes to formulating our recommendations in our designs, and you can still confidently expect quality in every facet of what we eventually deliver to you.

Remember that it always pays to commission a proven leader to ensure that you hold the edge in your sphere of business. That explains why more and more clients are acknowledging the value that we add to their enterprise in so many dynamic ways. You can always count on Penguin Engineering to recommend the best, ensure the best and deliver more than you expect. At the end of the day, our success lies in your success and we are the first to acknowledge that.

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