We, the HVAC system installers keep ourselves in-line with new technology to provide services for increasingly complicated and complex works. We have full-fledged and professionally managed engineers & technicians to provide the highest quality output paired with timely execution, excellent value and a fair price.

Our Mechanical division undertakes turnkey HVAC works for residential and commercial buildings. Our areas of work encompass:

  •     Air Cooled Chillers
  •     Water Cooled Chillers
  •     Cooling Towers
  •     District Cooling
  •     FAHU, AHU, FCU, MKU, Ecology Unit
  •     Chiller Management System (CMS)
  •     VRV’S
  •     Decorative Split DX System
  •     Ducted Split DX System
  •     Package Unit DX System
  •     Chilled Water Flushing & Water Quality
  •     Air Balancing / Water Balancing
  •     Up gradation & Refurbishment of Mechanical Services
  •     Underground Pre-insulated pipes.
  •     Duct Design and Modification
  •     Chilled water pumps, Pressurization Unit
  •     Automatic chemical dosing
  •     Aluminium cladding works on Chilled water pipes & Ducts
  •     Testing & commissioning of all HVAC systems.
  •     Pre-Engineering, Feasibility study & Solutions
HVAC Systems