Experts in the complete scope of MEP deliverables, at Aspen Engineering Services LLC, we have had a string of high-profile successes with landmark high-rise buildings. Our safety profile is a zero-error one and we will never compromise such an achievement. This is a primary reason Penguin gets awarded prestigious high-rise building contracts of different complexities, and always rise up to the incumbent challenges with safety uppermost on our minds.

We ensure strict adherence to installation practices, quality material, proven design practices, fail-safe equipment and dedicated expertise, all of which leads to complete peace of mind for all parties concerned. Our lead over our competitors begins with our uncompromised reputation in the market that has stood solid for many fruitful years at the forefront of our specialty.

In this sphere of our expertise, we take forward designs from consultants and architects into first class working drawings, supported by elaborate and zero-error-margin documentation. When the need arises, we can also offer complete MEP design and build concept from our own in-house wellspring of expertise.

Whichever choice our client makes, we dedicate our finest talent and efforts to the project. Our positivity in every Endeavour we undertake is not just a signature of ours, but a stamp of trust that can be counted on to deliver the best within challenging time frames.

Residential Projects